Nos especializamos en los alimentos de la región caribe norte de Honduras, donde la fusión de las diferentes culturas ofrecen una exótica combinación de productos que influyen en nuestra cocina con audaces sabores, colores y aromas. 
We specialize in the foods of the North Caribbean region of Honduras, where the fusion of the different cultures provide an exotic combination of products that influence our kitchen with bold flavors, colors, and aromas.





    BOQUITA CATRACHA – Shareable Honduran Style Bites

    $ 14.99

    Shareable grilled chicken and beef bites, shrimp (additional) over a bed of crispy banana chips, house pickled onions, crumbled cheese and smothered with our famous Caribbean sauce.


    MONTUCAS – Authentic Artisan Honduran Sweet Tamale

    $ 3.29

    Handmade sweet tamale made with baby corn dough stuffed with tender savory pork carnitas and cooked in corn husk.


    TAJADAS COCO-LOCO – Coco Loco-N-Chips

    $ 4.99

    Our signature Coco Loco sauce with tajadas (crispy banana chips)


    TAMALES – Artisan Traditional Honduran Tamale

    $ 3.29

    Handmade traditional tamale made with seasoned corn dough stuffed with tender pork carnitas, rice, peas and cooked in banana leaf.




  1. t1

    T1.BANDEJA CATRACHA–Honduran 100%

    $ 12.99

    Tender & savory carnitas topped with fresh pico & pickled onions, white rice, refried beans, deep fried yucca, scrambled eggs, avocado and plantain.

  2. l2

    L2. CHURRASCO –Churrasco Steak

    $ 15.99

    8 oz lightly seasoned and grilled Churrasco Steak served with white rice, plantain, tropical salad and grilled potato patties.

  3. l4

    L4. PARRILLADAS – Grilled Fajitas & Shrimp

    $ 14.99

    Tender beef, chicken fajitas & bacon wrapped large shrimp over sautéed onions & bell pepper, rice, Red charro beans, guacamole, pico de gallo & handmade tortillas.


  1. t5

    T5. ARROZ CON POLLO – Chicken Rice Casserole

    $ 7.99

    Our version of Paella style chicken & rice casserole, served with Honduran style potato salad & caramelized plantain.

  2. t3

    T3.PLATO TIPICO CATRACHO –Honduran Typical Plate

    $ 10.59

    Your choice of Honduran seasoned Grilled Beef, . fried Chicken or deep fried Pork Chop, white rice, Red refried beans, avocado, House salad, hard cheese, pickled onions, our authentic Rumba sauce & tajadas (banana chips).

  3. t7

    T7. POLLO PERRON –Urban Style Fried Chicken

    $ 8.99

    1/4 size of Honduran Style fried chicken (dark meat) over a bed of tajadas (banana chips) House salad, pickled onions smothered in our authentic Rumba sauce (white meat add 1.00) and topped with our signature Playero dipping sauce.

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